“We live in pieces for a while, and then, through our feminine powers of searching and sewing, we are recollected and find our way to wholeness.” – David Richo

There is always one song on each record that is the hardest to capture. On “Searching & Sewing,” my EP from 2013, it was the title track that took the longest to write, and that was trickiest to record in the studio. The song is about trust and persistence while wading through the unknown. This is what was going on in my life at the time (there will be more on that story in my upcoming book, and you might find bits and pieces of it in the blog). This spirit of braving ambiguity was also true in the songwriting itself, as I wandered into a new form I hadn’t used before. It felt like I was writing the song backwards, or from the middle, or from down instead of up.

But in the studio, once Will, Vic and I nailed the drums and piano parts, and I knew it would come together, this became my favorite song on the record. It builds from a somber piano ballad to driving the demons out using the piano as a percussion instrument. As I learned as a teenager when I played the Rachmaninoff preludes in C# minor and G minor, crashing around on a piano is one of the best ways to let off steam and, in this case, paw my way out of a fairly paralyzing depression.

Music has always been a path to healing for me. I am so honored to have you be a part of this journey and to share this music with you. If you just can’t get enough, check out the mailing list or my Patreon page.