Shadow Work Journal Hardcover Matte Journal 5.75″ x 8″ in Black + White


Our SHADOW DANCE Journal features our a powerful papercut image to use in shadow work and manifesation. The front of the journal shows the “conscious” mind (what you know, what you’re aware of, what you want), and the back shows the “unconscious” mind (what you’re not aware of, what you’ve blocked from your psyche, what you are projecting onto other people and situations). The Shadow image can also “preside” over your tarot spreads and help illuminate any reversals or anything we can’t “see” clearly, and the journal is a useful place to write down your immediate, unconscious response to what you see in a tarot spread.

(We won’t judge you if you simply want it for witchy decór, too.)

Designed by Andrew Benincasa and Kela Parker for the song “Shadow Dance” from Kela Parker’s album ‘The Dreamer and the Dream.’

The Shadow part of the image (bottom) holds the hand of the Light side (top), depicting how we have to honor and integrate the dark. We have to dance with our Shadow if we want to enjoy the fruits of consciousness, creativity, and meaning (depicted as the cells of nature, fire and water, and illumination in each of the three discs). The Shadow has multiple arms because it will persistently sabotage us unless we work with it consciously! What we fear and avoid can become a source of dynamic creativity and power when we integrate it.

Power to you, soul traveler!

Matte hardcover journal. Available in 5.75″x8″, with 150 lined pages, sturdy hardcover journal with matte laminate coating on the cover. Also available in cream + black (see other listing).

.: Full wraparound print

.: 150 lined pages (75 sheets)

.: Matte finish

.: Casewrap binding

.: Note: 0.5″x0.5″ production barcode visible on the back cover

Weight N/A