The Mama Cat Subscription Bundle

$33.00 / month


The Mama Cat Bundle is for those who want to go even deeper into the dissonant caves of my weird music brain, and it comes with: 

  • A download of my ebook “The Miraculous House of Houswife” (the story of the ridiculous situation in which I made my first few albums)
    • This subscription provides links to three ebook formats (PDF, epub, or Kindle) to suit your reading style!
  • Subscription to my mailing list so we can stay in touch (monthly-ish updates)
  • Digital art bundle: An unpublished piece for The Dreamer & The Dream, “Shadow Dance,” and some of my favorite show posters!
  • Digital downloads of all my albums as of 2022. That’s 3 albums (HOUSWIFE, Searching & Sewing, and The Dreamer & The Dream)
  • A singles bundle of one-offs, early versions, and random songs, some still in song-let (baby) form! 
  • Sheet music for some of my gnarliest piano compositions, “Relative Motion” and “Three Very Short Pieces for Piano, No. 1, 2, & 3.”