The Literary Lovers Subscription Bundle

$33.00 / month

The Literary Lovers Bundle comes with a download of my ebook “Underwater” (the story of the ridiculous situation in which I made my first few albums). This ebook is the condensed, preview version of a longer memoir, which I have been told I’m too young to write. But alas, each year I get more qualified, and at some point, it will be done! Plus, you get:

  • Subscription to my mailing list so we can stay in touch (monthly-ish updates) + early word on new releases, livestreams, and tours
  • A singles bundle of one-offs, early versions, and random songs, some still in song-let (baby) form!
  • Digital album bundle with the original version of my first 3 albums (HOUSWIFE, Searching & Sewing, and The Dreamer & The Dream) which are not all available on all streaming sources, so this is one of the few places you can get ‘em. 
  • Digital bundle of my favorite show posters, plus sheet music for a few of my piano compositions. (It also gives you carte blanche to demand additional sheet music from me for whichever songs you like; I have piles of them lying around and would love to share whichever ones you want!)