The time has come to make another record! After last year’s ‘The Dreamer & The Dream’ came out in April, I played those songs here, there, and everywhere. I got kinda tired.

But then I started getting the songwriting bug again last summer, and in late winter I went out to All Welcome Records to record some of the new song babies with Sunny Mann (engineer), Janie Cowen (bass), and Trevor Anderies (drums). (That’s me over on the right in the studio pic, wearing my all-year trademark sweater cardigan. Like seriously–all year, you will find me wearing that cardigan.)

We’re still in production and my goal is to get the first batch of songs mastered by the end of the summer, but there are a few stragglers (additional songs) that might require another recording session and/or might make appearances as early release singles….stay tuned! XOXO -Kela