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She-Horse: Brand Politics & The Perennial ‘Women-in-Music’

“I’ve never seen a soul detached from its gender, but I’d like to. I’d like to see my own that way, free from its female tethers. Maybe it would be like riding a horse. The rider’s the human one, but everyone looks at the horse.”

It was around 2015 that I … Continue reading

-“Horse,” by Chase Twichell* 

Articles & Video Scripts for StudioBinder

An analysis of the “I Want to Dance” scene from Pulp Fiction (article and video script written by Kela Parker)

Music Editorials & Reviews

Elephant Revival Show Preview for Eleven Magazine

If you’re in the mood for some social consciousness with your music this month, make sure to catch Nederland, Colorado alt-folk quintet Elephant Revival. Along with their love of pachyderms, the group operates on collectivist principles: all five members write, share vocals, and are multi-instrumentalists, creating old-timey sonic tapestries of washboard, saw, stompbox, mandolin, banjos, fiddles, guitars, upright bass, djembe, and slap steel. The resulting dark prairie folk groove harkens the sorrow and sweetness of Mother Earth on the edge of apocalypse – or redemption, you decide.

The Ongoing Saga of My 1912 Baldwin Piano

For the brief time I lived in New York, I enjoyed a lovely piano-sharing arrangement. I would hop on the Q train and ride down to Sheepshead Bay, and walk through the (extraordinarily) long blocks until I got to the church, where I had specific hours for practice. On dry days, I could just hop on my bike and ride all the way down Avenue R. I recorded some songs for The Dreamer & The Dream at the church, and the church has benefited greatly from having a nice piano for their services and music concerts.

Other People’s Pianos

A summer in transition where every week was a hunt for another piano to borrow.

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