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If you just can’t get enough of my experimental Americana songs, come check me out on Patreon and become a HouseCat. Click the image above, or copy and paste the url from here:


Origin Story of HouseCat Music:

My feline, Ursa, depicted above doing her judgy face, has been underfoot and disrupting my home vocal recording sessions ever since I first started making records. I remember writing “Greater Leagues” in my bedroom, and her coming into the room meowing along, rubbing up against the neck, climbing up my shoulder to try to get as involved as possible. Actually, come to think of it, maybe this is why one of the lines in the song goes, “When I’m an animal/I bare my teeth”! I thought I was writing about capitalism and social Darwinism, but maybe I was just writing about my cat.

Anyway, having her interrupt my songwriting that day was the first time I noticed that the higher I go on the neck of the guitar, the more she seems to like the notes. The high screechy notes might be partly why she likes lounging in front of amps–though it’s also of course because that’s sufficiently “in the way.” She also really digs my vocal practice–but again, only the higher notes. She’s not interested in anything below a C5. I tried learning violin, which she was interested in, but for the sake of the violin, and the general community, I set that project aside (that is a HARD instrument!)

Anyway, in addition to having a musical cat, I also consider myself a HouseCat, as I’m a homebody (sun in Cancer, baby!), and I love making music and working on projects from home. Together, Ursa and myself are the two founding members of HouseCats, and we would love to have you come lounge around with us and be picky about stuff!

Come find us on Patreon where you can get a free HouseCat sticker, access to my entire back catalogue and all of my forthcoming music (ALL of it!) and lots of other yummy goodies. It is also through Patreon that you can schedule monthly one-on-one sessions (remote only) with me, whether you want to talk songwriting, arranging, vocal technique, piano, guitar, production, or, my fave: esoteric music theory and philosophy!

See you there!