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Originally from the Easy Bay Area, singer-songwriter Kela Parker began crafting her enigmatic blend of art and pop music in Portland, Oregon. After taking up music lessons at age seven, Parker was profoundly inspired by Joni Mitchell’s alternative guitar tunings and the sound of early blues and jazz. Along with building her piano chops on works by Rachmaninoff and Debussy, her early exposure to a diverse array of music gave her a taste for a rich and varied palette to choose from as she began composing her own.

Celebrated as “genre-bending” and “heady and tuneful,” Parker’s songs often push the edges of pop forms and always provide an unexpected resolution, often inspiring a meditative or serene state. While often compared to Jeff Buckley, Cat Power, and Regina Spektor, Parker’s distinct sound is in a category all its own. As a performer, Parker plays solo or with a full band, and she has opened for Madeleine Peyroux at the Aladdin Theatre and played across the United States, from New York’s Rockwood Music Hall to Los Angeles’ Viper Room.

Parker has released three albums, most recently 2018’s ‘The Dreamer & The Dream,’ produced with Grammy-winning engineer Rocky Gallo (Norah Jones, John Legend). Hailed by BuzzMusicLA as “sensational,” The Dreamer & The Dream showcases Parker’s “prepossessing voice,” and music that is “individualistic, abundantly charismatic but subtle.” Her 2013 EP “Searching & Sewing” was called “like folk music–but folk music from a country you’ve never heard of before,” and her first album, in 2011, was noted for its “sharp musicianship” and unusual song structures that “stick with you long after the song ends.”