Genre-bending new music//new folk from a Northwest-grown pianist, guitarist, singer, and composer.


I recently entered my music in Singer Songwriter 4, a contest put on by Guitar Center that scours the lands for the “next great American songwriter.” The winning artist gets the opportunity to make an EP with legendary producer Don Was, receive mentoring by songwriter Colbie Caillat, perform on Jimmy Kimmel live, win some change, and get a bunch of gear to help set up a recording studio.

Granted, as music is highly subjective, there is not truly any such thing as “best songwriter,” and besides, I am most definitely a small fish in a big pond in this contest. But I have vowed to get comfortable with putting my music out there once and for all, to stop tripping myself up on self-doubt and holding back.

I’ve already found that merely entering the contest has been the beginning of a transformative process. As always happens when we push past our comfort zone, walls are coming down within my own mind and beliefs, and a sense of limitation and constriction is easing. Whether or not I actually “win” anything, I have already benefited immensely just from entering, so it’s been worth it. There’s still a ways to go until the contest ends on November 2nd, 2014, so if you want to support this process and put in a vote for the underdog, here’s how:


Please head on over to my channel, watch my videos, and click SHARE; then select which network you want to share it through, and perhaps say a few kind words about what you like about the music with your post. If you are inclined, you can revisit and re-share my channel as often as you like between now and November 2nd, 2014. Let’s get the word out, and get the music out there! Here is the direct url:

Other things that can help: Suggesting my new Facebook page to friends who might like my music and/or forwarding the link to anyone and everyone who might want to hear my music and help out. Also, I have some snazzy handbills and posters, so if you are inspired to help flyer, shoot me a message through the CONTACT page–it goes straight to my personal email and I’ll get back to you super soon!

I put a ton of love and craft and time and sweat and grit and passion into what I do, and it’s a busy, busy music world out there. Your support in helping my music get noticed in the crowd means the world to me.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!